Organizations Shifting Cloud Strategies

Organizations Shifting Cloud Strategies

1-Ongoing MigrationOngoing Migration

60% of organizations run more than 30% of their IT systems in the cloud. Last year, only 45% of companies did so.

2-Mail CallMail Call

49% of large enterprises use the cloud for e-mail, compared to 59% of medium-sized ones.

3-Cyber FootprintCyber Footprint

46% of large enterprises take advantage of cloud computing to establish a Web presence, compared to 55% of medium ones.

4-Team EffortTeam Effort

48% of large enterprises turn to the cloud for collaboration tools, compared to 52% of medium ones.

5-Change ManagementChange Management

53% of survey participants (business-side only) say the cloud has driven the IT department to build new policies and procedures, and 45% say it’s prompted changes in policies and procedures.

6-Watchful EyeWatchful Eye

39% of those participants say cloud computing has resulted in the adoption of monitoring and management tools for IT.


37% say the cloud has inspired a restructuring of the IT department.

8-Shrinking HeadcountShrinking Headcount

One in five respondents say cloud computing has reduced the number of IT staffers.

9-Top Cloud ChallengesTop Cloud Challenges

Integration with existing systems: 49%, Changes to IT policy: 40%, Learning curve: 39%, Costs exceeding estimates: 35%, Determining ROI: 30%

10-Top Reasons to Switch Public Cloud ProvidersTop Reasons to Switch Public Cloud Providers

Security: 45%, Costs: 42%, Better offerings and features: 41%

11-Top Reasons to Return to an On-Premise ModelTop Reasons to Return to an On-Premise Model

Need to better control security: 60%, Failure to successful integrate cloud functions: 28%, Performance dissatisfaction: 22%, Reliability concerns: 22%, Lack of cloud skills: 18%

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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