Potential Problems Lurking in Private Clouds

Potential Problems Lurking in Private Clouds

Private MatterPrivate Matter

75% of respondents say their organization runs some mission-critical applications in their private cloud, up slightly from 71% in 2013.

Public FiguresPublic Figures

47% run these apps in the public cloud, up from just 33% last year.

Increasing CommitmentIncreasing Commitment

60% of large enterprises run more than one-half of their mission-critical apps in the private cloud, and 37% run more than three-quarters of these apps in the private cloud.

Unproven QualityUnproven Quality

39% of respondents say their organization never tests their private cloud availability, and another 11% say their company tests it less than once a year.

Recipe for ChaosRecipe for Chaos

53% say they do not have a disaster recovery solution in place for their private cloud system.

A Failing GradeA Failing Grade

70% say their cloud app service availability readiness is either at, or superior, to the availability readiness of the rest of their systems, despite the lack of testing and disaster recovery solutions.

Unmeasured ResultsUnmeasured Results

Just 14% say their companies track key performance indicators (KPIs) for their cloud environment.

Top IT Infrastructure Focuses for KPI TrackingTop IT Infrastructure Focuses for KPI Tracking

Storage resources: 71%, Network operations: 71%, Applications: 69%, Databases: 66%, Clusters: 49%

Overlooked AttributeOverlooked Attribute

Just 47% of respondents say their organization analyzes configuration consistency in the cloud at least quarterly, compared to no less than 70% for other areas of IT infrastructure.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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