Why Cloud Migration Is Still a Work in Progress

Despite the attention cloud migration draws, many organizations keep mission-critical apps and storage on-premise, with many citing security as a concern. Here are the findings of a recent survey of IT professionals.

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Why Cloud Migration Is Still a Work in Progress

  • Two-Pronged Plan: 68% of survey respondents said their organization will have at least half of its IT operations running on a private cloud within the next two years, and 42% predicted the same for the public cloud.
  • Tech Surge: 72% said their CIO/IT department is leading the move to the cloud, as opposed to lines of business units.
  • Expiration Date: 44% said migration is required to replace end-of-life technology.
  • Benefits Package: 63% said they view migration as a means to reduce costs, while 62% said it should result in greater capacity on demand.
  • Dominant Players: 46% said their company uses Microsoft Azure and 42% said it uses Amazon Web Services.
  • Lone Holdouts: Only 21% said their organization has not yet moved to the cloud.
  • Home Bound: Despite current plans for cloud migration, 78% said they still keep mission-critical apps on-premise, and 67% said the same about storage tools.
  • Data Deposit: 46% said three-quarters of their IT resources are located in data centers.
  • Prohibitive Factors: 42% said they find security to be a leading challenge in managing cloud-based tech, while 16% cite the presence of multiple, disconnected platforms.
  • Outside Assistance: 36% said their organization needed third-party support to build, design and implement a cloud environment.

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Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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