Do Your Web 2.0 Efforts Work?

Psst. People are talking about your firm’s Web 2.0 efforts, and it’s not flattering.

Forrester Research says most B2B blogs are “dull, drab and don’t stimulate discussion.” Deloitte says a majority of online communities set up by businesses attract few members.

A big problem is that companies use Web 2.0 technology without embracing the 2.0 mindset, which empowers the people formerly known as the audience and eschews many old-school marketing techniques.

Some of the more interesting responses to the reports came from readers, including Amy Alkon, author of a newspaper column called “The Advice Goddess.” Commenting on the Wall Street Journal‘s Business Technology blog, she wrote, “My time is valuable, and I’d rather not spend it watching your logo animate. Get somebody to blog for you who has a personality and a point of view, and who has information to dispense that’s not available everywhere. And don’t censor that person into tediousness.”

Here’s more from Alkon, posted at my Know It All blog: “I was looking for a bar to go to in Culver City, Calif. It’s amazing how hard it was to get pictures of the bar. They posted beautiful shots of wine glasses and things. Guess what: I’ve seen wine glasses. I have them at home. Is your place groovy? Nice lighting? Do the chairs look comfortable? Does it look like you’ll be playing loud music, or will I be able to talk to my friend? That’s the kind of stuff I want to know.”

Web 2.0 applications can reveal rich ecosystems, communities of people who are interested in your business and your industry–the trends, the details, the word on the street. You need to engage them on regular basis. If you don’t, your competitors will.

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