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    Dr. Karen Sobel Lojeski is CEO of Virtual Distance International (VDI), a research-based management consulting firm in New York specializing in Virtual Risk™ solutions. Virtual Risk™ is a new concept developed by VDI to help organizations moving to distributed work models.

    VDI’s research has shown that the globalization and ‘virtualization’ of corporations can carry along with it a corresponding increase in the risk of failure, or at least, poor performance due to a factor VDI has labeled, Virtual Distance™. Using a set of metrics coined Virtual Distance Indexing™, VDI helps global corporations to quantitatively measure the extent to which they are exposed to Virtual Risk™.

    Lojeski established Virtual Distance to provide advisory services and software solutions to global organizations using technologically mediated collaboration and virtual resources. Its services include assessment, advisory, remediation and training solutions that help companies manage emerging issues impeding the success and innovation of high performance organizations. Dr. Lojeski is also a frequent guest speaker at industry events and corporate meetings.

    Prior to launching VDI, Karen spent 18 years in corporate America. She held management positions at Stratus Computer, Inc., Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A., Mercer Consulting Group, was Chief Operating Officer for Prolifics, a JYACC company, and Vice President of North America for Xansa. Karen holds undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and recently completed her Ph.D. at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken where she specialized in technology management, virtual work and outsourcing. She is currently working on a book about Virtual Distance.

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