10 Things You Need to Know About Java 8 Adoption

10 Things You Need to Know About Java 8 Adoption

Java 8 Is HereJava 8 Is Here

More than one-fifth of Java 8 adopters are running the latest release, with more than 35% running it in staging environments and planning to shift to production soon. Another 40% are running Java 8 in pilot projects or are testing it.

The Challenge: Legacy ArchitectureThe Challenge: Legacy Architecture

Of the Java 8 holdouts, 69% are running Java 7 and 26% are running Java 6. The main challenge to migrating to the latest release is the past. 37% cited “hurdles with legacy infrastructure” as the reason for their reticence.

Other ChallengesOther Challenges

19% of respondents cited organizational obstacles to implementing Java 8. Only 19% were concerned with Java 8 features.

New Lambdas PopularNew Lambdas Popular

80% of respondents say Lambda expressions and virtual extension models are the most important new Java 8 features, while 47% say enhanced core libraries with Lambda are the most important new feature.

Other Popular New FeaturesOther Popular New Features

date and time APIs (37%), bulk data operations for collections (37%), currency updates (27%)

How They're Using New Java 8 FeaturesHow They’re Using New Java 8 Features

45% use Lambda features in Java 8, 51% are exploring them, 47% are using functional programming, 49% are exploring functional programming

Java 9 PlansJava 9 Plans

Developers are already planning for Java 9. Nearly 30% of respondents look forward to it with “strong interest.”

Most Anticipated FeaturesMost Anticipated Features

48% of respondents say they are most excited about Value Types, and 43% are most interested in Project Jigsaw.

Exploring ContainersExploring Containers

Nearly two thirds of the developers surveyed are exploring containers, but less than 25% use Docker today.

Developers and Big DataDevelopers and Big Data

More than 50% of respondents have big data strategies, or are exploring them for their organizations. 17% are already using Apache Spark.

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