Aligning Agile Practices With Quality Assurance

Aligning Agile Practices With Quality Assurance

Aligning Agile Practices With Quality AssuranceAligning Agile Practices With Quality Assurance

“Quality” and “agile” don’t have to be mutually exclusive words—but strong communication between developers and QA teams is a must to get the most out of apps.

Increased AgilityIncreased Agility

88% of those surveyed said their organization has adopted an agile development methodology, up from 82% last year.

Fast LaneFast Lane

67% say their team typically deploys a new build at least once a week—and 34% do so daily while 10% do on an hourly basis.

Need for SpeedNeed for Speed

46% say they’d like to achieve faster deployment times than they currently do.


86% of those on software teams that have adopted agile say they view their company’s quality assurance team as partners in delivering good apps. Only 14% view their organization’s quality assurance team as either a “necessary evil” or even “antagonistic.”


77% of those on agile software teams say they routinely communicate with quality assurance team members in real-time.

Delayed ResponseDelayed Response

Only 23% of those on agile software teams say they can fix bugs “immediately” after they’re found during testing, with 53% saying they need at least “a few working days.”

Manual LaborManual Labor

Just 26% of those on agile teams conduct testing that is either mostly or fully automated.

Immediate ActionImmediate Action

Only 24% of those on teams say they take a “micro-iterative” approach to quality assurance and testing, in which features are broken into small, testable requirements to speed the identification and fixing of bugs while the code is still fresh in developers’ minds.

Ongoing EffortOngoing Effort

77% say their organization practices continuous integration, up from 70% last year.

Significant StepsSignificant Steps

70% say they do more automated testing since adopting agile or continuous integration, and 64% now test earlier in the development cycle.

CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight Staff
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