App Fatigue and Other Growing User Issues

App Fatigue and Other Growing User Issues

App Fatigue and Other Growing User IssuesApp Fatigue and Other Growing User Issues

When it comes to enterprise apps, less is sometimes more—users face the dilemma of having too many app choices, but not enough good ones for the work at hand.

App FatigueApp Fatigue

App fatigue is real and a major strain on productivity. There is a cost to work not getting done because employees don’t have the right tools.

BYOP to Pressure BYOABYOP to Pressure BYOA

Because BYOP means that cloud apps deliver platform benefits, BYOP will pressure BYOA. In 2016, BYOP will bring freedom, innovation and flexibility to knowledge workers and control for IT, creating a common vernacular and becoming the new standard for productivity.

What Makes a BYOP Winner?What Makes a BYOP Winner?

Cloud apps that deliver platform benefits—those that satisfy many functions, support user configurations, and align with IT standards—will crowd single-purpose apps.

Google Vs. MicrosoftGoogle Vs. Microsoft

The Google/Microsoft battle over productivity apps will extend to their app stores and cloud ecosystem partners. They will try to outflank each other by integrating with leading SaaS ISVs and developing packaged offerings.

App MetricsApp Metrics

All apps will become increasingly subject to “actual use” and “actual impact” metrics, as IT looks to reign in app proliferation.

Too Many AppsToo Many Apps

According to a 2014 Capgemini study, nearly half (48%) of IT decision-makers believe their businesses have more apps than they need. That number is bound to increase in 2016.

Growth of Non-Routine WorkGrowth of Non-Routine Work

Growth of non-routine work will reach a tipping point. Application backlogs will accelerate, causing IT to rethink end-user development platforms to meet the demand.

The Importance of End-User SolutionsThe Importance of End-User Solutions

End-user introduced and managed solutions will factor into employee engagement and satisfaction, forcing CIOs to set strategies for reviewing and adopting platforms embraced by business users. These must meet the minimum security and administration requirements.

Message Overload to Replace Email OverloadMessage Overload to Replace Email Overload

High-frequency messaging apps will fail to reach significant scale in enterprises, as many tune out due to message overload from large pools of participants.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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