How CIOs Can Help Sales Teams Close the Deal

How CIOs Can Help Sales Teams Close the Deal

How CIOs Can Help Sales Teams Close the DealHow CIOs Can Help Sales Teams Close the Deal

As sales technology evolves, CIOs are in a key position that can have a tremendous impact on a sales team’s success.

Embrace the DisruptionEmbrace the Disruption

Ensure that your sales team has all the resources, including the latest sales technology products it needs to stay on top of its sales pipeline and remain competitive.

Accelerate Manual Sales TasksAccelerate Manual Sales Tasks

Salespeople are hired for their sales skills, not their deep database knowledge. CIOs can help accelerate businesses by automating backend research and administrative tasks.

Provide Easy Access to ResourcesProvide Easy Access to Resources

83% of sales people have trouble easily accessing messaging and related content, according to Qvidian’s 2015 Content Automation Trends Report. CIOs can develop and implement systems and procedures to solve that close MouseGrid problem.

Eliminate SilosEliminate Silos

Invest in integration efforts to ensure that data is consistent across departments—especially sales, marketing and finance—so that version control is not an issue.

Tackle Big DataTackle Big Data

Big data can be a game changer by helping sales teams close business and drive revenue and corporate growth. By using data to understand success, salespeople can tailor their messaging to close more business.

Streamline Content for Consistent MessagingStreamline Content for Consistent Messaging

Inconsistent and contradictory messaging can make salespeople appear uninformed and unprofessional. Offer a system that streamlines content and enables documents to be updated in real time.

Train Salespeople on New SolutionsTrain Salespeople on New Solutions

Train your sales teams so that they understand the breadth of new technology solutions across the enterprise and take advantage of new resources.

Enable MobileEnable Mobile

Sales teams need to arrive at meetings with the confidence that they have all the documents and resources necessary to close a deal. By offering compatibility across mobile devices and platforms, they will be better equipped to succeed behind their desks and on the road.

Listen to FeedbackListen to Feedback

Listen to grievances, concerns and requests, and consider any recommendation offered from the field. Salespeople may be aware of innovative sales and other technologies before leadership.

Maximize Your Sales Team's ContentMaximize Your Sales Team’s Content

Explore solutions that explain the sales process and recommend content that can maximize touch points at every stage of the buyer journey.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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