LTE, Mobile Video Calling, Android Top Trends in 2011: Report

Independent strategic management consulting firm Northstream announced its

annual top five trends for the global mobile industry in 2011, naming LTE (Long-Term

Evolution) deployment, mobile video calling adoption, the rise of Apple’s iOS

and Google’s Android operating systems, increased mobile broadband availability

and specific data price bundles as areas to closely monitor in the coming year.

The company noted there have been nine commercial LTE deployments this year,

and a further 44 additional launches are anticipated for 2011. In total, 113

operators have publicly committed to the technology across 46 different

countries with 43 LTE trials currently in operation. However, Northstream

analysts said despite this strong growth, LTE faces an unpredictable future in

2011 with its sustained global deployment being impacted by a variety of factors,

including additional spectrum requirements that could lead to widespread


“Widespread LTE enabled smartphones will be available beyond 2011, when

there will be sufficient choice to interest mobile consumers and a proven LTE

voice solution will have been found,” the report noted.

Mobile video calling got a boost through the iPhone 4, which now boasts

face-facing cameras, a large high-resolution display, and interactive

applications that can switch between a standard voice call and a WiFi-enabled

video call by the touch of a screen. Despite just 1 percent of existing 3G

calls being video enabled, Skype claims that its share of video calls stands at

40 percent of total customer interactions. Furthermore, the report noted the

number of video call enabled Apple devices alone is set to exceed 100 million

over the next 12 months, with Cisco likely to launch a consumer version of its

video conferencing system.

For more, read the eWeek article: LTE, Mobile Video Calling to Rise in 2011: Report.

CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight Staff
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