ServiceNow Review: Features & Benefits

servicenow logoServiceNow is a cloud-based solution deployed on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. It uses workflow automation processes that eliminate paperwork and manual processes.

Information technology service management (ITSM) applications help IT personnel deliver IT services for an organization or its customers. ServiceNow’s platform includes programmed ITSM modules that can create, deliver, and support IT services.

When a company uses an ITSM application on the ServiceNow platform, a business is setting itself up to improve efficiency by integrating its on-premises systems and IT tools into a cloud-based solution using automated workflows. Additionally, the ServiceNow ITSM solution uses machine learning (ML) and AI-powered chatbots to improve IT productivity and automate routine tasks.

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ServiceNow IT Modules

ServiceNow ITSM, a cloud-based solution, offers tangible benefits that improve outcomes for a business’s IT department, employees, and any customer receiving IT services. There are many benefits to this solution, but listed here are some of the modules that will enhance a business’s efficiency and IT productivity.

IT Service Management

With ITSM included in a ServiceNow platform, companies can quickly detect and resolve IT incidents using 24/7 AI-powered modules. The AI-enabled systems become more proficient at detecting issues the longer they are used on the business network.

Visually tracking automated workflows to check the progress of an IT project or service improves efficiency and cost savings. In addition, ServiceNow ITSM helps ensure any regulatory compliance requirements are met using the available automated workflow tools designed to detect out-of-compliance actions.

For example, an automated workflow can be set up to flag any email sent from an organizational mailbox (OMB) that sends an unencrypted email containing HIPAA data. In addition, a policy can be established to send any medical-related information from one OMB mailbox for compliance auditing purposes.

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Analytics, Intelligence, and Reporting

Using the ServiceNow Analytics Q&A application, IT staff can create over a dozen reports, ranging from bar reports to pivot tables using the natural language query (NLQ) prompt. This module also does predictive analytics by using statistical algorithms and ML to predict the likely occurrence of an outcome based on historical data.

Customer Service Management

Customer service agents use decision trees that help agents troubleshoot and quickly resolve incident tickets. These guided decisions help customer service agents continually improve first call resolution and enhance the customer’s experience by resolving issues expeditiously.

IT Operations Management

ServiceNow’s IT operations management module uses AI-enabled technology to predict, prevent, and automate IT issues by proactively triggering an action to occur that resolves or minimizes any potential problems.

Change Advisory Board (CAB) Workbench

The Change Advisory Board (CAB) Workbench uses an automated workflow that generates all the aspects of a CAB meeting once defined. The CAB definition consists of attendees, calendar schedule and any calendar changes, recorded meeting notes, and status of change requests.

Other Modules

Other beneficial ServiceNow modules a business may want to use are available depending on a company’s industry-specific needs. The ServiceNow platform uses tasks, activities, and processes that support real-time communication, collaboration, and resource sharing through automated workflows. Any business wanting to improve its productivity needs to consider a ServiceNow platform.

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What Types of Businesses Use the ServiceNow Platform?

ServiceNow offers different modules to address a business’s industry-specific needs. Service portals, service catalogs, knowledge bases, contextual collaboration, and orchestrated functionality are the available modules on a ServiceNow platform that can be tailored to meet many types of business needs.

In addition, ServiceNow has specialized management software for the following industry-specific businesses:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Education

These are broad categories, but the types of modules ServiceNow offers can provide services to many businesses within each of these broad categories. Any company with a customer base and who wants to provide an excellent customer experience needs to consider moving to a ServiceNow platform.

Benefits of a ServiceNow Platform With ITSM

Holistically, ITSM is designed to provide an improved user experience for both the employee providing the IT service and the customer receiving the IT service. The benefits provided by ITSM help in the following ways:

  • Increased flexibility and agility: Adapting to changes and innovation quickly
  • Cost reductions: Identifying workflow bottlenecks and making necessary adjustments to improve efficiency and generate cost savings
  • Improved response time: AI-enabled workflows help identify incidents and reduce associated downtime
  • Continual compliance: Monitoring workflows helps meet regulatory requirements
  • Increased user satisfaction: IT service delivered meets the needs of the customer
  • Improved productivity: Objectives and goals are aligned to reliable services that address specific user needs

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ServiceNow Customer Reviews


Many customer reviews rave about ServiceNow’s filters, and the ability to share a link to access a ServiceNow feature routinely used within a business. In one example, a client dashboard was easily accessible after the automated workflow was enabled.

Further, submitting and tracking the status of a ticket is easy, and submitted tickets are easy to prioritize to address critical incidents.

Many users say the interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to understand overall. Customization is touted as easy to do, and customers constantly praised ServiceNow’s ease of use. One customer commented it was the best ITSM software to use.

One of ServiceNow’s strongest features is its ability to integrate with different systems like Agiloft, JIRA, SecurityScorecard, and CRM solutions. Overall, customers appear to be very happy with this product.


On the other side of the balance sheet, customers noted some of the following drawbacks:

  • ServiceNow is very expensive
  • Tasks can have many nested subtasks that are easy to miss
  • Some ServiceNow modules have a steep learning curve, and the assortment of modules can be confusing
  • The Navigation panel can be difficult to understand
  • Some users think ServiceNow is clunky and not intuitive
  • Configuration Items (CIs) are difficult to add, and administrator assistance is required
  • Service technicians are not always available as expected per the service agreement

ServiceNow Pricing

ServiceNow doesn’t publicly advertise its cost, due to its many different options being tailored to meet specific needs, such as industry, geographical region, company size, selected ServiceNow modules, and license types. Customer quotes are provided upon request.

ServiceNow Review Verdict: Start Small

The key to ensuring that ServiceNow is a successful ITSM solution is right-sizing the business’s ServiceNow package. Each company can start with a base-model ServiceNow platform aligned to its mission objectives and goals, and then add on modules until its intended mission objectives are attained.

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Don Hall
Don Hall
Don Hall has been employed as an IT Manager/Supervisor in the U.S. Government for over twenty years. He has managed programmers, cyber security, and infrastructure/networking personnel during his management career. Hall currently works as an IT Operations Officer that requires him to have general knowledge of various IT topics to assist his Command in making informed decisions or recommendations on behalf of the customers we support.

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