The Steady Rise of Platform as a Service

The Steady Rise of Platform as a Service

The Pressure for Rapid App DevelopmentThe Pressure for Rapid App Development

85% of respondents say there is a demand within their organization to develop and deploy new applications more quickly. The pressure comes mainly from the IT department, C-suite and the board of directors.

Planned PaaS InvestmentsPlanned PaaS Investments

43% of respondents already use PaaS, and 77% plan to invest in PaaS in 2014. A majority of PaaS users say they have seen an improvement in both app development and deployment.

Inter-Departmental Collaboration With PaaSInter-Departmental Collaboration With PaaS

80% say departments outside of IT contribute to the development of new applications. Of respondents already deploying PaaS, 94% collaborate with other departments, suggesting that PaaS makes inter-departmental development easier.

Current PaaS UsageCurrent PaaS Usage

Almost half of respondents now use PaaS for application development and deployment. 22% plan to start using it. However, only 18% have been using PaaS for app development and deployment for more than a year.

PaaS Spending PlansPaaS Spending Plans

77% of respondents who plan to use PaaS expect to spend more than $260,000 on it. 99% of those currently using PaaS plan to spend $293,000 or more. Of those currently not using it, 58% expect to spend at least $182,000.

Its Specific BenefitsIts Specific Benefits

The top five direct improvements, according to the respondents: Reduced time scales: 54%, Reduced development costs: 51%, Improved scalability: 47%, Increase capacity for innovation: 47%, Ability to continuously monitor, test and develop: 42%

Mobile First's Driving FactorsMobile First’s Driving Factors

Asked about the driving factors behind mobile first, 51% of respondents named workers’ demand for increased mobility and 46% said increased employee productivity.

Built As Mobile FirstBuilt As Mobile First

The average percent of new applications built as mobile first is 31%, according to PaaS users.

Few Mobile-First OrganizationsFew Mobile-First Organizations

There are many challenges to developing applications for mobile first, and only 9% of respondents consider themselves to belong to a mobile-first organization.

Top Barriers to Mobile FirstTop Barriers to Mobile First

Top five impediments to mobile first, according to respondents: Security concerns: 42%, Higher costs: 39%, Lack of specialist skills: 34%, Increased development time: 31%, Marketplace is moving too quickly: 24%

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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