When App Performance Draws Constant Complaints

When App Performance Draws Constant Complaints

When App Performance Draws Constant ComplaintsWhen App Performance Draws Constant Complaints

Keeping users content is by no means easy, and IT managers say they receive constant complaints about app and network performance.

Intense FocusIntense Focus

94% of survey respondents said the network is “mission-critical,” and 64% said their preferred option for improving network operations is to increase network governance while acquiring tools to better measure and predict performance.

Ubiquitous PresenceUbiquitous Presence

58% said their corporate network covers more than 100 locations.

Heavy LoadHeavy Load

54% said their organization manages more than 5,000 information and communications technology (ICT) workplaces within its corporate network.

Top ICT Tech Trend Business-DriversTop ICT Tech Trend Business-Drivers

Cloud computing: 63%, Information security: 51%, Multiple devices/mobility: 43%, Big data: 28%, Business intelligence/analytics: 27%

App IssuesApp Issues

More than nine of ten survey respondents said they have received complaints about app performance.

High BarHigh Bar

67% said end users are demanding enhanced app performance, and 63% said these users expect better app availability.


63% said they have insight or visibility of the apps carried within their corporate network, and 51% said they can see which apps could have a negative impact on the network.

Tall Order, Part ITall Order, Part I

55% said they find it very challenging to work with cloud apps in general, and 42% said they feel the same way about dealing with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and shadow IT.

Tall Order, Part IITall Order, Part II

40% said they find it extremely challenging to oversee video conferencing and multimedia services, and 28% said the same about supporting analytics/business intelligence.

Top App Types Intended for Near-Future ImplementationTop App Types Intended for Near-Future Implementation

Cloud-based productivity apps: 43%, Unified communications: 34%, Collaboration tools: 25%, Virtualization: 23%, Business analytics: 23%

More with LessMore with Less

54% of survey respondents said they’re being asked to deliver more with the same or an even reduced budget.

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