Citizens, Government Share Cyber-Security Concerns

The majority of government executives believe new security services can positively change citizens' attitudes toward government, building confidence and trust.

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Why Adaptability Is Critical for State CIOs

To keep up with tech shifts and changing business demands, today's state government CIOs must constantly redefine the way they manage a wide range of IT systems and applications, according to a recent survey from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO), Grant Thornton LLP and CompTIA. The accompanying report, titled "Read More »

In Government IT, Innovators Are Gaining Ground

Some of technology’s brightest minds are leaving the private sector and applying agile practices to the tech problems faced by government agencies. 

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State CIOs Benefit From Shifts in IT Management

If you think you have a lot on your plate, you should take a look at what state CIOs are taking on: A significant number are taking the lead role in dozens of major IT projects, with most budgeted at more than $20 million, according to a new survey from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO),... Read More »

Top 10 IT Priorities for State CIOs

They work within a tight budget that might only get tighter. Yet, at the same time, they're tasked to oversee transformative change with respect to consolidation, cloud migration and other IT innovations. In this case, "they" are the CIOs of the U.S. state governments. And if their challenges sound familiar, then it's safe to conclude that there really is less distinction these days between... Read More »

VSE Corp. Gains Much-Needed Operational Visibility

With its new IT operations analytics solution, VSE Corporation can quickly investigate data-related incidents and verify information for audit purposes.

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Government CIOs Strive to Embrace 'Open Data'

City governments are embracing open data, but major challenges--such as putting paper records in a digital format and issues of quality control--abound.

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Ten Tech Innovations for State Government

One organization needed a better, faster way to process highway occupancy permits. Another deployed a business intelligence (BI) tool to save millions of dollars. A third sought a tech solution to greatly reduce travel costs. What do all three of these efforts have in common? They were all initiated by state governments. They're among the following 10 initiatives that won a Read More »

FCC to Begin Mobile Broadband Speed Tests

The FCC is ready to start grading mobile broadband performance under its Measuring Mobile America program. Read More »

FBI Indicts Alleged LulzSec Hacker for Attack on Sony Network

FBI agents arrested an Arizona man who has been indicted on charges of impairing a protected computer and conspiracy in connection with a hack on Sony Pictures Entertainment's network. Read More »

No Cellphones in Flight: FAA Studies Safety of Electronic Devices on Airplanes

Those of you fearing a "Tower of Babel" experience in the air can rest easy: The existing ban on in-flight cellphone use will continue indefinitely. However, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is launching a working group to study whether other types of portable electronic devices can be used safely aboard flights and whether current policies should be changed. Read More »

Hot Tech Projects: EHR, Cloud, Workforce Optimization Top the List

ADP, Aetna, Brocade Communications, the DoD, NASA and Henry Ford Health Systems are among the 17 Fortune-ranked and mid-market companies highlighted in our latest roundup of Hot IT Projects. Information for this feature is provided exclusively to CIO Insight by the researchers at DiscoverOrg. Read More »

IT Careers: Executive Shuffle Doesn't Slow Down in Summer

This installment of CIOs on the Move is marked by senior IT executive shuffles at 28 companies, including ADP, DHL, and Whirlpool Corporation. Information for this feature is provided exclusively to CIO Insight by the researchers at DiscoverOrg. Read More »

U.S., China Talks Address Cyber-Weapons, Not Cyber-Spying

Informal discussions between the United States and Chinese think tanks have led to an understanding about cyber-spying, but not solutions. Read More »

NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Gets Software Update

NASA officials said the Mars rover Curiosity is in the process of updating its software to be better equipped to carry out its mission on the Red Planet. Read More »

Researchers Lift Lid on Government-Distributed Cyber-Spy Trojans

After pro-democracy activists in Bahrain were hit by email attacks that would have installed spyware, a spreading investigation reveals more details about corporate-made Trojans sold to governments. Read More »

Microsoft, NYPD Partner to Build Counterterrorism System

Microsoft announced that its partnership with the New York Police Department (NYPD) has resulted in a real-time crime fighting and counterterrorism system known as the Domain Awareness System. Read More »

NASA Mars Rover Landing Empowered by Dell Systems

Dell announced that its systems played a key role in the landing of the NASA Mars rover Curiosity. Read More »

HP Wins Case as Oracle Ordered to Continue Itanium Support

A California judge found that there was an agreement between HP and Oracle regarding support of Intel s Itanium platform. Now a jury will decide what Oracle owes HP. Read More »

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