12 Things Enterprises Don’t Know They Can Automate

12 Things Enterprises Don’t Know They Can Automate

Provision Dynamic Virtual/Cloud SystemsProvision Dynamic Virtual/Cloud Systems

Just as a smart thermostat regulates temperatures, intelligent automation solutions can draw on booted-up machines when you need additional computing power. It can also power down machines during idle times, thereby saving resources.

Streamline Development and OperationsStreamline Development and Operations

Automation can streamline DevOps processes to facilitate collaboration and shorten application release time by providing templates of job steps and reference plans. These minimize time spent scripting and performing repetitive processes.

Self-Service AutomationSelf-Service Automation

Automation puts power in the hands of business users. Enabling business users to initiate a process or workflow without someone from IT minimizes IT’s burden and improves IT service for the business overall.

Improve Big Data AnalyticsImprove Big Data Analytics

It’s advantageous for organizations using big data to use automation to reliably execute complex workflows needed to process unstructured and structured data. Such solutions offer a centralized viewpoint for workflows and processes that give organizations enhanced monitoring of big data dependencies and constraints.

On-Board and Off-Board Customers and EmployeesOn-Board and Off-Board Customers and Employees

Organizations can shorten wait times for new customers who must be entered into CRM systems by creating an automated process when a new sale is made. Similarly, organizations can get new employees up and running faster by using automation to on-board and off-board them, rather than relying on manual processes.

Preventing Service-Level Agreement BreachesPreventing Service-Level Agreement Breaches

Automation mitigates the risk of SLA breaches and critical deadline failures by providing built-in warnings to users that a job is taking longer than expected. Automation software then changes priority levels and builds fences to redirect jobs and reconfigure servers with additional resources.


Using intelligent automation, IT can wait for files to be full to prevent errors such as inadvertently sending incomplete files to customers or vendors.

Automate Help Desk and Support ProceduresAutomate Help Desk and Support Procedures

Organizations can use the built-in alerting capabilities of automation software to create help-desk tickets when workflow fails, thereby eliminating manual handoffs and reducing the time to resolution.

Streamline ReportingStreamline Reporting

You can streamline and consolidate reporting by using parameters instead of hard coding that results in reports running once rather than hundreds of times. Users also can watch workload performance more closely so IT can quickly identify potential bottlenecks and analyze processing and runtimes.

Enhance Security and ComplianceEnhance Security and Compliance

Automation solutions with auditing capabilities let IT set policies that require users to enter authorizations before they perform various operations.

Real-Time CalculationsReal-Time Calculations

For those in manufacturing and finance who rely on real-time calculations to monitor inventory and pricing, automation’s built-in capabilities to hook into APIs and other technologies allow users to generate real-time calculations of assets based on changing foreign exchange rates, for example.

Script Lifecycle ManagementScript Lifecycle Management

A modern automation solution should help your organization leave behind custom scripting, but you still must protect your script investment. Script vaulting and lifecycle management software provides a secure, central library to store and manage script revisions and improves reliability for building and deploying workloads.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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