Container Adoption Growth Results in ROI

As Container Adoption Grows, ROI Soon Follows

As Container Adoption Grows, ROI Soon FollowsAs Container Adoption Grows, ROI Soon Follows

Containers, which enclose pieces of code in a layer of software that can be transported easily between computers, have potential for big cost savings.

Broad AdoptionBroad Adoption

70% of IT pros said their companies use containers today and another 21% indicate their organization plans to do so soon.

Contained CostsContained Costs

37% said budget savings on IT infrastructure/management is a top driver of container adoption, while 21% cite the increased frequency of software releases.

Top Container Tech in UseTop Container Tech in Use

CoreOS: 33%, Google Kubernetes: 32%, Docker: 25%

Cloudy DaysCloudy Days

44% of survey respondents said their company is running containers in either Azure or AWS.

Appealing AlternativesAppealing Alternatives

30% said their organization is running containers in an IT hosting provider’s facility and/or third party data center, and 27% are doing so within their own internal data center.

Biggest Benefits of ContainersBiggest Benefits of Containers

Improved flexibility for IT infrastructure: 63%, Overall IT cost savings: 53%, Increased speed/productivity for developers launching code: 52%, Greater responsiveness to business needs: 40%, More ROI from the cloud: 38%

Economical ToolEconomical Tool

Two-thirds of IT pros expect their company to save at least 16% on its IT budget by using containers, with one-fifth indicating the savings will exceed 30%.

Biggest Challenges of Using ContainersBiggest Challenges of Using Containers

Integrating them into existing IT environment: 55%, Securing them: 53%, Avoiding sprawl and cost overruns: 47%, Hiring enough expertise/staff: 42%, Orchestrating and automating them: 34%

Top Non-Container IT Initiatives in PlaceTop Non-Container IT Initiatives in Place

Big data/analytics: 76%, Public cloud services: 69%, DevOps: 56%, Automated code deployment: 48%, Legacy app modernization: 40%

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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