How to Safeguard Against IT Infrastructure Outages

How to Safeguard Against IT Infrastructure Outages

Growing ConcernGrowing Concern

75% of IT data-center professionals are more concerned about maintaining uptime availability now than they were a year ago, and 45% say outages are happening more frequently than they did two years ago.

Short SupplyShort Supply

Just 38% say they have “ample” resources available to get the data center running again in the event of an unplanned outage.

People FactorPeople Factor

Nearly one-half of network outages are caused by human error.

Time is Money, Part ITime is Money, Part I

Outages cost organizations nearly $239,000 in business disruptions and more than $183,000 in lost revenue every year.

Time is Money, Part IITime is Money, Part II

Outages cost IT departments an average of $53,600 in lost productivity last year, compared to $42,530 in 2010.

Best Practices: Is Your Department Proactive?Best Practices: Is Your Department Proactive?

If you think about outages only when it’s “system down” time, you’re too late. Predictive analytics with daily monitoring can find trouble spots before they disrupt operations.

Best Practices: What's Your Cross-Domain Visibility?Best Practices: What’s Your Cross-Domain Visibility?

Enterprise IT infrastructures are more heterogeneous and multi-layered than ever. Systems must be configured throughout the layers to find issues “hiding in plain sight.”

Best Practices: How's Your Cross-Team Collaboration?Best Practices: How’s Your Cross-Team Collaboration?

Armed with the right information about risks within all domains (as opposed to containing the information in separate silos), IT teams are empowered to share valuable information in real-time.

Best Practices: Is Everything Automated?Best Practices: Is Everything Automated?

Any decent-sized organization can’t depend upon manual detection anymore. Automated daily configuration verification keeps IT up-to-date on readiness.

Best Practices: Is Your Deployment Non-Intrusive?Best Practices: Is Your Deployment Non-Intrusive?

A tightly controlled, read-only access strategy ensures you won’t impact mission-critical systems.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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