Is the Battle for Network Security a Lost Cause?

Is the Battle for Network Security a Lost Cause

1-Has the Network Been Breached or Not?Has the Network Been Breached or Not?

Although they don’t necessarily believe so, 74% of IT professionals cannot say for certain whether their network has been hacked by a foreign government or advanced persistent threat.

2-The U.S. Is Behind the TimesThe U.S. Is Behind the Times

Six in 10 respondents believe the U.S. (and, thus, U.S.-based companies) are losing the battle over state-sponsored cyber-attacks.

3-The Attacks Keep ComingThe Attacks Keep Coming

63% of IT professionals expect their network to be targeted by a state-sponsored attacker in the next six months.

4-CIOs Need to Boost CapabilitiesCIOs Need to Boost Capabilities

Despite expectations of major attacks, just 48% of IT executives believe their staff would be capable of detecting a breach to their network or corporate data.

5-Education Is EverythingEducation Is Everything

To address issues about how to respond to cyber-attacks, 88% of IT professionals say they are currently engaging in user training to help repel assaults.

6-Are Better Security Appliances the Answer?Are Better Security Appliances the Answer?

Meanwhile, 89% of IT pros report that their companies are investing in better security appliances, in addition to improving education to help combat cyber-attacks.

7-Keeping Up With FoesKeeping Up With Foes

There are some major issues with confidence in the security department: just 57% of IT professionals think they have what it takes to keep up with new and emerging threats.

8-A Look to the FutureA Look to the Future

Get ready: 96% of IT professionals believe the hacking landscape will only get worse in the coming years.

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