Majority of IT Pros Bemoan Catalog Sprawl

Majority of IT Pros Bemoan Catalog Sprawl

Top Challenges of Catalog SprawlTop Challenges of Catalog Sprawl

According to respondents, the top three challenges are: Increased administration expenses (72%), Decreased value of the service and offerings portfolio (60%), Increased software expenditures (52%)

Catalog Consolidation Considered CriticalCatalog Consolidation Considered Critical

59% of respondents believe consolidating employee-facing catalogs will help address catalog sprawl.

Top Hurdles to ConsolidationTop Hurdles to Consolidation

Buy-in from business leaders (42%), Legacy applications and software (37%), Insufficient budget (35%), Lack of IT staff expertise (33%), Buy-in from IT leaders (31%)

The Solution? A 'Single Pane of Glass'The Solution? A ‘Single Pane of Glass’

“IT leaders have heard their business users’ cries about tool overload and realize a solution is needed. Progressive organizations are looking to adopt enterprise service catalog technology as a single pane of glass solution,” says PMG principal Joe LeCompte.

The Allure of a Single PaneThe Allure of a Single Pane

A single pane of glass, a portal in which users can find all of an organization’s offerings, would enable IT departments to be more strategic, respondents believe.

A Majority OpinionA Majority Opinion

57% of respondents say a single interface is either important or very important to their organization.

Single Pane of Glass Would Be EffectiveSingle Pane of Glass Would Be Effective

95% of IT pros say a single pane of glass would be effective in corralling catalog sprawl in their organization. They rate its impact according to usage, quality of consumption and service level impacts, the survey reports.

A Single Interface's Chief ObstaclesA Single Interface’s Chief Obstacles

Achieving a single interface eludes 73% of organizations, the study found. The biggest obstacles are a lack of leadership from top management and a lack of cooperation from end user departments, like marketing, sales and HR.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
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