10 Most Popular Tools You Can Use

We thought you might like to know which tools your peers are using. The tools below are Baseline‘s most popular this year.

1. Calculator: Determining the Cost of a Service by the Unit
Welcome to the end of information technology as overhead. Your CEO wants your department to make a profit—or at least recover all its costs. Now you have to start billing other parts of your company for every service you provide. Here’s how to figure out what to charge for each piece.

2. Calculator: Figuring an Outsourcing Ratio
How much of your company’s resources are devoted to managing its information versus producing and delivering goods and services?Does your company rely too much on outside goods or services? This calculator will help you figure out whether it may be on its way to outsourcing its ability to make a profit.

3. Calculator: The Return on Voice over IP Migration
Roughly three-quarters of large companies in the U.S. have already made the switch to IP telephony. This calculator will help you figure out your company’s initial costs and projected annual savings to determine your overall return on investment if you migrated to voice over IP.

4. Calculator: Figuring the Break-Even Point for Search Tools
When does it make sense to install a system to improve the retrieval of information from your company’s intranet, servers and even your e-mail inbox? This worksheet evaluates the cost of installing so-called categorization, classification and search software, and identifies the number of employees that would have to use the system to reach the break-even point.

5. Calculator: The Cost of Sarbanes-Oxley
To comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, your company must document every internal process and external effect that will have an impact on its financial health. That’s a pretty thin spec from which to develop a budget, but we tried by breaking down the process into its smallest component. Use this calculator to figure out how much Sarbanes-Oxley compliance is costing your company.

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CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight Staff
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