Digital Projects Face Critical Tipping Point

Digital Projects Face Critical Tipping Point

Expansion AgentExpansion Agent

More than one-third of execs expect that at least 15% of their company growth in the next three years will be driven by digital.

Digital DriversDigital Drivers

More than three-quarters say the intent behind digital strategies is to either build a competitive advantage in existing business efforts or to create new business and tap new profit pools.

Top Digital Strategic PrioritiesTop Digital Strategic Priorities

Engagement of customers: 69%, Innovation of products, operating model or business model: 64%, Enhancement of big data and advanced analytics capabilities: 45%, Engagement of employees, suppliers or business partners: 44%, Improvement of customer life-cycle management: 40%

Rising ProfileRising Profile

69% of CIOs are providing support or involvement in digital-business programs, up from 59% two years ago.

Leadership TiesLeadership Ties

61% of CEOs are providing such support or involvement, whereas only 46% of CEOs do so in 2012.

Steady PresenceSteady Presence

61% of chief marketing officers are supporting or getting involved with these efforts, up only slightly over 59% in 2012.

Missing IngredientMissing Ingredient

Less than 40% say their company has accountability measures in place for digital initiatives, either through targets, incentives or a designated ownership of these programs.

Unrecognized PotentialUnrecognized Potential

Only 7% say their organization understands the exact value which digital efforts can produce.

Biggest Challenges for Digital ProgramsBiggest Challenges for Digital Programs

Difficulties in finding talent: 28%, An organizational structure which isn’t designed for digital: 22%, Inflexible business processes: 19%, A lack of quality data to make informed business decisions: 18%, An inability to adopt the needed experimentation mindset: 17%

Top Digital Talent Hiring NeedsTop Digital Talent Hiring Needs

Analytics and data sciences: 44%, Mobile and online development: 40%, Project and program management: 28%, Cloud and distributed computing: 23%, Joint business and IT expertise: 18%

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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