How Real-Time Data Boosts the Bottom Line

How Real-Time Data Boosts the Bottom Line

How Real-Time Data Boosts the Bottom LineHow Real-Time Data Boosts the Bottom Line

Real-time streaming analytics is rapidly becoming the lifeblood of today’s data-driven economy, and savvy businesses are cashing in on the trend.

Real ValueReal Value

89% of survey respondents say a data management platform which responds in real-time serves as a valuable organizational asset.

Revenue StreamRevenue Stream

91% say streaming data analysis can have a positive impact on their company’s bottom line, and 56% say it is “critical” or “very important” to add real-time context to streaming analytics apps.


66% believe that real-time apps meet business needs less than half of the time.

Delayed ReactionDelayed Reaction

Overall, survey respondents say they are unable to meet speed demands for data analysis 54% of the time.

Difference of Opinion, Part IDifference of Opinion, Part I

84% of CIOs believe their organization can analyze data in real-time, but only 42% of developers agree.

Difference of Opinion, Part IIDifference of Opinion, Part II

74% of CIOs believe that real-time streaming data apps have different requirements than big data apps, but just 36% of developers say this is the case.

Biggest Benefits of Real-Time Data AnalysisBiggest Benefits of Real-Time Data Analysis

Enhanced customer experience: 26%, Improved operations efficiencies: 23%, Competitive advantage: 19%, Increased employee productivity: 17%

Prohibitive FactorsProhibitive Factors

32% of survey respondents say data consistency/quality remains the primary obstacle to real-time data response, while 29% cite budget/internal resource constraints.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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