Why IT Is Prioritizing Robotic Process Automation

Why IT Is Prioritizing Robotic Process Automation

Why IT Is Prioritizing Robotic Process AutomationWhy IT Is Prioritizing Robotic Process Automation

As they pursue digital transformations, companies expect to save on costs while increasing agility via investments in robotic automation solutions.

Highly InvolvedHighly Involved

96% of survey respondents consider robotic process automation (RPA) as an important part of their company’s IT strategy, and 83% said it’s a key component of their organization’s digital transformation efforts.

Lean and LimberLean and Limber

59% said RPA will result in cost savings as they pursue digital transformation initiatives, and 54% said it will increase agility.

Growing PresenceGrowing Presence

70% said RPA has become “more of a priority” within the past year.

Machine Makeover, Part IMachine Makeover, Part I

82% said their organization is using RPA to automate business processes, and 78% said their company is implementing robotic automation tools in IT.

Machine Makeover, Part IIMachine Makeover, Part II

On average, survey respondents believe that nearly three of every five of their company’s business processes can be automated using RPA.


74% said their CIO, CTO or IT department is initiating RPA.

Executive Buy-InExecutive Buy-In

66% believe their company’s management understands opportunities presented by robotics at least “very much,” with 27% indicating that their management views these opportunities as “essential.”

Up to the TaskUp to the Task

84% believe that RPA tools are scalable, and 39% feel they are “highly” scalable.

Top RPA DriversTop RPA Drivers

Faster processes: 85%,
Reduction of manual efforts: 58%,
Greater accuracy: 57%,
Improved compliance: 51%,
Better standardization and consistency: 46%

Top Concerns About RPATop Concerns About RPA

Security: 32%,
Cost: 22%,
Ongoing robot development, maintenance and error handling: 15%

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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