5 Bizarre Office Holiday Gifts (and One Great One)

5 Bizarre Office Holiday Gifts (and One Great One)

5 Bizarre Office Holiday Gifts (and One Great One)5 Bizarre Office Holiday Gifts (and One Great One)

Sure, it’s the thought that counts—but some co-workers must have truly bizarre thoughts when it comes to gift-giving in the office.

Generous SpiritGenerous Spirit

21% of surveyed workers intend to buy holiday gifts for colleagues, and 20% say they’ll buy a gift for the boss.

Budget PlanBudget Plan

Of those who plan to give, 80% expect to spend no more than $25 on each gift.

Festive EnvironmentFestive Environment

66% of employers say they plan to host a company holiday party this year, up from 63% in 2014.


Just 38% of employees say they plan to attend their office party, while 93% would prefer receiving a holiday bonus or time off.

Token of AppreciationToken of Appreciation

54% of employers plan to give holiday bonuses this year, up from 47% last year.

Bizarre Holiday Gifts: Nature CallsBizarre Holiday Gifts: Nature Calls

An employee received a toilet seat decal that depicted a squirrel.

Bizarre Holiday Gifts: DIYBizarre Holiday Gifts: DIY

Another got a roll of duct tape.

Bizarre Holiday Gifts: Recycled EffortBizarre Holiday Gifts: Recycled Effort

A worker received a giant heart-shaped box of candy—from the prior Valentine’s Day.

Bizarre Holiday Gifts: Striking OutBizarre Holiday Gifts: Striking Out

Another got a bowling ball.

Bizarre Holiday Gifts: Baaaah Humbug!Bizarre Holiday Gifts: Baaaah Humbug!

An employee got a ceramic sheep that you can dress up seasonally.

Bizarre Holiday Gifts: Porked UpBizarre Holiday Gifts: Porked Up

Another received homemade sausages as an office holiday gift. (Waitaminute. That’s a GREAT present, not a weird one!)

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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