How Office Romances Can Disrupt Work

Posted 02-14-2016 Email

As a CIO, you're probably so focused on serving as the strategic bridge between tech and business that you have little time to think about, well, who in your IT department is dating whom. But, as with any topic related to interpersonal relations, it's something you shouldn't ignore. Especially when a number of employees admit that they've had to leave a job because of an office romance gone sour, according to a recent, Valentine's Day-themed survey from CareerBuilder. A significant share of professionals, in fact, have dated co-workers and a large number of these relationships have even led to marriage. However, certain situations can get a bit sticky, especially when a staffer starts seeing someone who holds a higher job position. What would help, of course, are written company policies that make clear as to what's OK and what isn't. However, a great deal of workers say they don't know whether their organization has a dating policy in place. So in lieu of a formal, corporate policy, you may want to develop your own guidelines for the IT department. More than 3,250 workers took part in the research. For more about the survey, click here



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