CEOs Unaware of Company Data Frustrations

CEOs Unaware of Company Data Frustrations

Missing ElementMissing Element

57% of global execs surveyed believe their company does a poor job of capturing and disseminating important business data.

Elusive AnalyticsElusive Analytics

42% of those surveyed said access to data is cumbersome while not being user-friendly, and 39% said access is limited and strictly controlled.

Unfair AdvantageUnfair Advantage

Two-thirds said some departments have better access to data than others.

Incohesive EffortIncohesive Effort

Only 38% of those surveyed said their organization has a centralized unit that is responsible for introducing and implementing all data/analytics initiatives.

CEO Misimpressions: Limited GraspCEO Misimpressions: Limited Grasp

47% of CEOs believe that employees have access to the data they need, but only 27% of all survey respondents agree.

CEO Misimpressions: Bad TimingCEO Misimpressions: Bad Timing

43% of CEOs believe that relevant data is captured and made available in real time within their organizations, but just 29% of all respondents say this is true.

CEO Misimpressions: Uninspiring InformationCEO Misimpressions: Uninspiring Information

38% of CEOs said their employees extract relevant insights from data, but only 24% of all respondents agree.

Distinctive QualityDistinctive Quality

68% of companies that “always” rely on data to substantiate business decisions are more likely to outperform their competitors, compared to 40% of organizations that don’t do this.

Biggest Impact of Data Availability/UsageBiggest Impact of Data Availability/Usage

Employees share knowledge more quickly and freely: 63%, Internal risks are better controlled, with greater efficiency within operations: 57%, Business units and departments increase collaboration: 48%

Biggest Data Adoption/Usage ObstaclesBiggest Data Adoption/Usage Obstacles

Lack of processes to integrate data insights into decision-making: 38%, Lack of access to needed data: 34%, Inadequate employee skills/training: 34%, Inadequate or outdated tech: 32%, Insufficient funding: 31%

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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