Executive Leaders Are Unprepared for Emerging Tech

Executive Leaders Are Unprepared for Emerging Tech

Feeling ConfidentFeeling Confident

Two-thirds of CIOs and other C-level execs surveyed are very confident that their organizations will outperform the competition during the next 12 months.

Glowing ReportGlowing Report

54% of the respondents are confident in their long-term business decisions.

Vulnerability AssessmentVulnerability Assessment

43% do not feel completely prepared to address emerging technologies, and 46% said the same about new business models.

Likely Obstacles to Company GrowthLikely Obstacles to Company Growth

Market slowdown: 33%, Cyber-risks: 32%, Shortage of skilled workers: 32%, Tax constraints: 31%, Regulatory constraints: 31%

Vote of ConfidenceVote of Confidence

61% of C-level execs surveyed are very confident that their direct reports will meet their business goals for the next 12 months.

Not Ready for PrimetimeNot Ready for Primetime

52% do not think their direct reports have the skills to assume greater leadership roles, and 44% said they lack the needed personal ambition and motivation.

Mixed MessageMixed Message

While 56% said their company creates opportunities for employees to succeed, less than half said it is committed to developing leadership skills at all levels.

Built for SpeedBuilt for Speed

73% of the respondents think their organization has the ability to innovate faster than the competition.

Contrasting PerspectivesContrasting Perspectives

53% believe innovation is learned and repeatable, while the rest think it’s spontaneous and random.

Top Ways to Foster InnovationTop Ways to Foster Innovation

Allow time for employees to innovate: 45%, Build a culture that embraces innovation: 43%, Adopt new technologies: 42%

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