Hirers Increase Social Media Scrutiny of Recruits

Hirers Increase Social Media Scrutiny of Recruits

Opting OutOpting Out

51% of employers who research candidates on social media say they’ve found postings which have caused them to not hire a candidate, up from 43% last year.

Social Media Miscues: Substantive IssueSocial Media Miscues: Substantive Issue

41% of hirers say they’ve dismissed a candidate because they found posted information about the applicant’s use of alcohol or drugs.

Social Media Miscues: End of DiscussionSocial Media Miscues: End of Discussion

32% indicate that they’ve passed on a candidate due to postings which demonstrate poor communications skills.

Social Media Miscues: Sensitive ConcernsSocial Media Miscues: Sensitive Concerns

28% say they’ve moved on to other applicants after seeing that a candidate posted discriminatory comments about race, gender, religion, etc.

Social Media Miscues: Indiscrete MomentSocial Media Miscues: Indiscrete Moment

24% say they’ve dismissed a contender because that applicant shared confidential information about previous employers.

Social Media Miscues: Name GameSocial Media Miscues: Name Game

21% say they’ve passed on a candidate because of an unprofessional screen name.

Extreme Social Media Finds: Pending CaseExtreme Social Media Finds: Pending Case

A hirer saw a photo of an arrest warrant for a candidate on a social media site.

Extreme Social Media Finds: Down on the FarmExtreme Social Media Finds: Down on the Farm

A candidate revealed that a pig was his “closest friend” on one of his pages.

Extreme Social Media Finds: Devil in the DetailsExtreme Social Media Finds: Devil in the Details

A contender was actively involved in a demonic cult.

Extreme Social Media Finds: Big-Footed FindExtreme Social Media Finds: Big-Footed Find

A candidate posted pictures of what he described as Sasquatch.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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