How Internet Disruptions Cripple Organizations

How Internet Disruptions Cripple Organizations

How Internet Disruptions Cripple OrganizationsHow Internet Disruptions Cripple Organizations

Internet disruptions result in business-damaging impacts—frequently in the form of increased customer support calls, decreased productivity and revenue losses.


89% of the IT decision-makers surveyed said their organization has experienced an internet disruption within the last 12 months.

Top Sources of Internet DisruptionsTop Sources of Internet Disruptions

Network outages: 43%,
Provider outages: 30%,
Unplanned maintenance: 27%,
Hardware issues and failure: 27%,
Configuration issues: 27%

Wasted HoursWasted Hours

Survey respondents said that, on average, it takes 8.7 hours to identify and resolve a disruption outside of network control and 7.4 hours to identify and resolve a disruption within network control.

Major DamageMajor Damage

79% said these disruptions are “painful” for their organization, and 35% said they are “excruciating” or “crippling.”

Fallout Factor, Part IFallout Factor, Part I

55% of the respondents said the disruptions frustrate users, and 48% said they result in teams having to work long hours.

Fallout Factor, Part IIFallout Factor, Part II

46% said the disruptions result in more help desk tickets, and 46% said they frustrate management.

Biggest Impacts of DisruptionsBiggest Impacts of Disruptions

Increased customer support calls: 45%,
Cost and time burdens: 45%,
Reduced employee productivity: 40%,
Decreased customer satisfaction: 36%,
Revenue losses: 32%

Top Approaches to ResilienceTop Approaches to Resilience

Monitoring network activity and identifying patterns: 44%,
Enforcing end-user practices: 44%,
Restricting user permissions and actions: 42%,
Improving network infrastructure: 41%,
Learning about new types of threats and risks: 40%

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