Six Outrageous Excuses for Calling in Sick

Six Outrageous Excuses for Calling in Sick

Phoning It InPhoning It In

32% of workers have called in sick during the past year when they weren’t actually ill.

Stored TimeStored Time

30% have gone to work despite being sick in order to “save” that sick leave for when they’re feeling well.

What Employees Do When What Employees Do When “Faking It”

Relax: 28%, Catch up on sleep: 19%, Run errands: 14%

Cracking DownCracking Down

30% of employers say they’ve checked in on employees who call in sick, to make sure they’re telling the truth—and 16% say they’ve fired staffers for faking it.

Top Ways to Check Up on Employees Who Call in SickTop Ways to Check Up on Employees Who Call in Sick

Require a doctor’s note: 64%, Call the employee at home: 48%, Check the employee’s social media posts: 19%, Have another staffer call the employee: 17%, Drive past the employee’s house: 15%

Outrageous Outrageous “Sick” Excuses: Fanatical Fan

An employee’s favorite football team lost on Sunday, so he said he needed Monday to recover.

Outrageous Outrageous “Sick” Excuses: Home Detention

A worker said she couldn’t leave the house because someone glued her doors and windows shut.

Outrageous Outrageous “Sick” Excuses: Dysfunction Junction

An employee got lost driving to work and ended up in another state.

Outrageous Outrageous “Sick” Excuses: Busy Bees

A staffer said a swarm of bees was surrounding his vehicle, so he couldn’t make it in.

Outrageous Outrageous “Sick” Excuses: Tongue-Tied

An employee couldn’t work because she bit her tongue and was unable to talk.

Outrageous Outrageous “Sick” Excuses: Fashion Statement

An employee failed to show up at work because she couldn’t decide what to wear.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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