Remote Control: How to Empower Remote Workers

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 10-27-2015 Email

Is your office building looking, well, emptier these days? If so, it could be because organizations are getting more flexible in allowing employees to work remotely, according to a recent survey from Jive Software. The vast majority of employers are looking to invest in modern tech tools to better support such arrangements, in the interest of attracting and retaining top talent, findings reveal. It appears such efforts are a must do as opposed to a "nice to do," because most professionals now view working remotely as a given. If the option is taken away, in fact, many would look for another job. The findings also indicate that the empowerment of employees to pursue their own tech is alive and well, as a great deal of them enjoy the freedom to try new tools to enhance their performance. Given the stakes, CIOs and their tech teams must come up with collaborative/communications solutions that enable remote teams to maximize productivity with high-performance connections, while not placing the enterprise at risk for a security breach. An estimated 1,000 professionals and managers took part in the research.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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