Top Staffing Challenges for CIOs

Top Staffing Challenges for CIOs

Internal AssetsInternal Assets

67% of CIOs and HR executives say retaining existing staff is a top staffing issue, given all the opportunities that IT pros have with other companies.

Engagement FactorEngagement Factor

52% say improving employee morale is a major staffing issue, as work demands are pushing tech employees to their limits.

Capabilities CapCapabilities Cap

43% feel that adding new technical skills represents a significant challenge, with a wealth of projects introducing new innovations.

Salary GapSalary Gap

37% say it’s providing competitive compensation, given the wealth of cost-cutting and outsourcing in recent years.

Daily GrindDaily Grind

34% say that maintaining productivity and service levels presents staffing issues, as constant change is effecting employee performance.

Plan DeficienciesPlan Deficiencies

32% say providing competitive benefits is a top staffing challenge, because packages are getting “smaller” and employees are paying for more of the costs.

On the EdgeOn the Edge

27% say it’s creating employee burnout, since too many work hours are the norm these days.

Culture ClashCulture Clash

24% say managing the organizational culture presents significant staffing challenges, with mergers and acquisitions, new leadership and other factors are ushering in directional shifts.

Professional DevelopmentProfessional Development

22% feel that providing a viable career path is a top staffing challenge, because tech pros highly value upward mobility along with rewarding assignments.

Socially IneptSocially Inept

21% say it’s the utilization of social networking in recruiting, given that there are many, popular networks out there which require a company’s presence.

Dennis McCafferty
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