Why Employee Appreciation Matters

Why Employee Appreciation Matters

Why Employee Appreciation MattersWhy Employee Appreciation Matters

There are all kinds of ways—both good and bad—to show appreciation for your IT employees. Find out how to avoid giving rewards that send the wrong message.

Thankless JobsThankless Jobs

66% of the workers surveyed said they’d likely leave their employer if they didn’t feel appreciated, up from 51% who felt this way in 2012.

Attrition FactorAttrition Factor

54% of the senior managers surveyed believe it’s common for employees to quit a job due to a lack of recognition.

Great Appreciation: Hot WheelsGreat Appreciation: Hot Wheels

One employee was awarded a new car.

Great Appreciation: Bon VoyageGreat Appreciation: Bon Voyage

Another was given an all-expenses-paid trip to Jamaica.

Great Appreciation: Play Ball!Great Appreciation: Play Ball!

One worker was awarded baseball playoff tickets—behind home plate.

Great Appreciation: KeepsakeGreat Appreciation: Keepsake

Another was flown to corporate headquarters to receive a plaque.

“You Shouldn’t Have”: Expiration Date

An employee received a gift certificate that was already expired.

“You Shouldn’t Have”: Pennies Saved

Another received a 3 cent raise.

“You Shouldn’t Have”: Out of Fashion

One worker was “awarded” a jacket that was too short, with sleeves that were too long.

“You Shouldn’t Have”: Crumby Concept

Another received a loaf of bread.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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