Office Politics Dictated Holiday Gift Giving

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 01-06-2014 Email

There should have been plenty of cheer in your office this holiday season when it came to gifts, according to a recent survey from Spherion. The majority of workers planned to give to peers, and a significant percentage intended to give to their bosses. (That would be you.) However, you may be surprised (or not) to discover how many employees weren't really be motivated by the "good will to men" thing when they shopped for you. Instead, they were looking to outshine their colleagues in hopes of getting a big raise. (Sorry if this puts a damper on any festive feelings.) Fortunately, however, this tactic applies to a minority of professionals. And as a senior IT leader, you should strongly consider giving back to your teams every holiday season, even if it's just a small token of appreciation for a good year of valued work. Unfortunately, few bosses do. "Workers want to show respect and appreciation for others," says Sandy Mazur, a division president at Spherion, a top staffing company. "But they also want to receive gratitude from their coworkers and bosses, and not just in the form of gifts. There are many other ways to give thanks besides a traditional holiday gift." An estimated 970 employees took part in the research, which was conducted online by Harris Interactive. For more about the survey, click here.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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