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Business Taking DIY Approach to App Development

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 07-03-2013 Print

While outsourcing has dominated tech-related business headlines in recent years, one IT-led development appears to be bucking that trend: the deployment of apps for enterprise users, according to a recent survey from Antenna Software. In fact, a significant and growing number of organizations are running their own app stores. And a majority says they're working on app development for both employees and customers. Among the concerns with the acquisition of apps from outside vendors: expenses, security and speed-to-market. All of which are leading to greater adoption of a DIY approach. "As mobile apps spread across the enterprise—to enable both employees and customers—there appears to be a growing concern over a lack of control over this mobile tsunami," says Jim Somers, chief marketing and strategy officer for Antenna. "While public app stores certainly serve a purpose for consumer apps, we're seeing a growing number of businesses deploying their own app stores as part of a broader need for cost, speed, security and reusability." Antenna helps global enterprises build, run and manage mobile applications and content. An estimated 1,000 IT and business executives overseeing U.S. and U.K. enterprises took part in the research. For more information about a scheduled July 10 webinar about the findings, click here


Setting Up Shop  One in three enterprises now have their own app store, up from just 14% of businesses that either were working on a store or planned to launch one last year.


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