Organizations Taking Outage Risks in the Cloud

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 05-08-2014 Email

When it comes to establishing a customer-facing presence in the cloud, how much downtime is too much? An hour? Two hours? An entire working day? If those times seem long, then you may be surprised to learn that one-quarter of IT professionals say that up to just under nine hours a year or even longer is perfectly acceptable, according to a recent survey from CloudEndure. The accompanying report, titled the "2014 State of Public Cloud Disaster Recovery," reveals that the vast majority of survey respondents say that service availability is critical to their customers. And most express satisfaction about their track record here. But when pressed further, they admit that they experience outages on more than a rare instance, and that the subsequent downtime can put their organizations out of business (at least in the cloud) for a notable stretch of time. As for remedies? Relatively unexplored options include investment in continuous backup, as well as greater time allocated to proven disaster recovery technologies. A total of 116 IT professionals from North America and Europe participated in the research. To access the survey report, click here



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