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The Anatomy of Tech-Support Scams

As IT leaders, educating non-tech employees on the dangerous scams out there (and how to avoid them) can be a time-consuming endeavor, but it's one of the most important tasks tech leaders must take on. Cyber-criminals show no mercy when it comes to naive end users, demonstrated by the latest scam: fake tech support. Scammers who pose as a company's tech support team are on the rise. They've... Read More »

What Users Expect From a Website Experience

Consumers and users are spending more time online than ever—and they're expecting a better experience on company Websites while they're doing it, according to a recent survey from Limelight Networks. The resulting "Read More »

What IT Leaders Seek From Windows 10

The majority of IT departments have either already tested–or are actively testing–Windows 10, according to a recent survey from Spiceworks. The resulting report, "Read More »

Green Clinic Refreshes Its Technology Arsenal

A multilocation health system, Green Clinic upgraded its technology in one fell swoop, providing its medical staff with anytime, anywhere information access.

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Nine Reasons Why the Enterprise Loves the iPad

Apple has been a quandary for some in the technology industry. On one hand, the company's products are ideal for consumers who want (and can afford) elegant, intuitive and easy-to-use devices. On the other hand, Apple has frequently said that it wants to appeal to all customers, including the enterprise, but its policies, products and services over the years, however, haven't consistently... Read More »

Health-Care Provider Embraces Virtual Desktops

Sunrise Health Region significantly increased clinicians’ productivity and reduced IT costs by switching to a virtual desktop infrastructure.

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With BYOD, Enterprise Matches Device to Employee

Maybe we should refer to this latest IT development as "Dr. Mobile or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love BYOD." Enterprises are undergoing a major cultural shift when it comes to bring your own device (BYOD) adoption, according to Read More »

Windows Slideshow: PC Sales Forecast: Will Windows 8 End the Slump?

There was a time when companies needed PCs for everything. Those employees that stayed in the office used desktops, and for folks that would travel around town, getting their hands on a notebook was always a good idea. But in the last couple of years, tablets have become popular. And now, devices like Apple's iPad, the Research In Motion BlackBerry PlayBook, and so many others, are starting to... Read More »

Gartner IT Report: BYOD Signals Radical Shift in Client Computing

The rise of BYOD programs provides huge opportunities for businesses adopting client computing, but they could also incur rising costs, Gartner found. Read More »

Windows Slideshow: Microsoft Revised: Why the Software Giant Still Matters to CIOs

On the mobile front, Microsoft has been facing formidable competition from Apple's ubiquitous iPhones and iPads as well as popular smartphones from manufacturers such as Samsung featuring Google's Android platform. But in the wake of Apple's $1.05 billion patent win... Read More »

Windows 8, Ultrabooks Could Lift PC Market

The worldwide PC market is slumping, in need of back-to-school sales and new Ultrabooks and tablets running Windows 8, according to IDC. Recent earnings announcements have suggested as much. Read More »

Crisis Virus Infects Windows, Macs and Virtual Machines

The malicious Java executable, which hasn t been observed in the wild, spreads not only among Windows machines, but includes code to infect Macs and VMware virtual machines. Read More »

Enterprises Should Start Preparing for Windows 8

In two months, Microsoft will release Windows 8. If you and your staff don t know how you are going to deal with the deployment of this new Windows version by then, you are in trouble. Read More »

Windows 8 Available for Download to Developers, IT Pros

Microsoft has made the final bits of Windows 8, along with its Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 tooling, available to developers and IT pros. Read More »

What Users Will Want from Windows 8 Tablets

Microsoft will launch Windows 8 on Oct. 26. On that day, several different tablet models will launch. Here some features that buyers are sure to want to see. Read More »

HP Should Focus on Services, Ditch PC, Printer Businesses: Analyst

A scattered HP can t compete with IBM and EMC in the enterprise, or Apple and Samsung in consumer technology, USB analyst Steve Milunovich argues. Read More »

Microsoft Windows 8 Rolled Out to 30,000 Internal Users

Microsoft's IT department has migrated 30,000 internal users to Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10, and the company has some lessons learned to prove it. Read More »

Strategic Tech Slideshow: Microsoft Office 2013: 10 Things CIOs Should Know

Microsoft recently announced Office 2013, the next generation of its venerable Office suite of productivity tools. It's expected to launch this fall to coincide with the availability of the new Windows 8 operating system, which launches October 26. For CIOs, this fall is going to be an extremely busy time. Not only will you be analyzing Windows 8 to see if it's the right fit for your office,... Read More »

Windows 8 Security Garners Praise at Black Hat

For years, hackers have had an easy time exploiting Windows heap memory manager. However, all that is going to change with Windows 8, according to new research released at Black Hat. Read More »

What CIOs Should Know About OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion, the latest edition of Apple's Macintosh operating system, is now available in Apple's App Store. Here are some things you should know about Mountain Lion if you are thinking about acquiring this upgrade. Read More »

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