How to Get the Most Out of a UC System

How to Get the Most Out of a UC System

How to Get the Most Out of a UC SystemHow to Get the Most Out of a UC System

Although more enterprises are opting for Unified Communications systems, issues such as outages, cost overruns and insufficient training hinder its use.

Most Popular UCsMost Popular UCs

Respondents have experience using the following UCs: Cisco Unified Communications: 53%, Microsoft Lync: 42%, Avaya: 21%, Other: 19%

Extent of UC DeploymentExtent of UC Deployment

58% of respondents say their UC is fully deployed and generating an ROI. But 12% say their fully-deployed UC is not generating sufficient ROI. 29% say their UC is either stalled and generating ROI, or stalled and has not delivered any ROI.

UC Support and ManagementUC Support and Management

Most respondents say they use their own IT staff and resources to manage and support their UC day-to-day (87%). But 19% are not satisfied with the support, and requirements are not consistently met.

Are UC Costs Reasonable?Are UC Costs Reasonable?

67% of respondents say their operating expenses are in line, but 36% spend too much time reacting to performance issues. Result: More than 25% of IT projects on hold.

Voice Quality ProblemsVoice Quality Problems

While 51% of respondents never or rarely experience voice quality problems, 17% do several times a quarter, and 5% do many times daily.14% have voice problems a few times weekly.

Degree of AutomationDegree of Automation

Asked to what degree their UC support elements (monitoring, workflows, user provisioning, process and task) have been automated, 51% of respondents say more than half of their support elements are automated. Only 20% have automated all of them.

Reactive Skilled ResourcesReactive Skilled Resources

Asked whether skilled resources (CCIEs, CCNA, Network, VM) spend too much time on reactive, day-to-day work resulting in related strategic projects being put on hold, 48% said no, almost 50% yes.

UC SilosUC Silos

60% say their UC teams (Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft) collaborate very well with each other and 27% say they do not.

Use of Managed Service ProvidersUse of Managed Service Providers

11% of respondents use a managed services provider. Another 11% use a PBX vendor.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
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