The New State of Business Interconnectivity

The New State of Business Interconnectivity

The New State of Business InterconnectivityThe New State of Business Interconnectivity

In this new era of interconnectivity, organizations can’t go it alone when it comes to creating value: They must rely on each other to succeed.

Linked InLinked In

84% of enterprises will be interconnected by 2017, up from 38% today.

Budget BoostBudget Boost

More than one-third of IT decision-makers say interconnectivity creates more than $10 million in value for their enterprise.

Critical CapabilityCritical Capability

Three of five believe establishing direct and secure interconnections with employees, partners and customers is “very important” in terms of their ability to compete.

Benefits Statement: Peak ProductivityBenefits Statement: Peak Productivity

71% of IT decision-makers at companies that are interconnected say they’ve increased app performance, as opposed to 60% of those at enterprises that aren’t interconnected which are experiencing this.

Benefits Statement: Reduced ExposureBenefits Statement: Reduced Exposure

71% of those at organizations that have deployed interconnectivity say they have reduced risks and improved security, compared to 50% of those at companies that aren’t interconnected which can claim to be doing this.

Benefits Statement: Engagement FactorBenefits Statement: Engagement Factor

65% of those at companies that are interconnected say they’re delivering a better quality of user experience, as opposed to 49% of those at organizations which aren’t interconnected that are accomplishing this.

Benefits Statement: Easy AccessBenefits Statement: Easy Access

65% of those at businesses that are interconnected say they are connecting to more physical locations with greater speed, compared to 51% at companies which aren’t interconnected that are able to do so.

Top IT Strategic PrioritiesTop IT Strategic Priorities

Revenue Growth: 40%, Employee productivity: 23%, Cost reductions: 19%, Fast execution: 18%

Off-Premise OptionsOff-Premise Options

82% of IT decision-makers say their organizations deploy a multi-cloud strategy.

Remote WorkforceRemote Workforce

On average, these decision-makers say 75% of their company’s employees reside in locations other than where corporate headquarters is based.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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