Board Directors Seek to Increase Tech IQ

Board Directors Seek to Increase Tech IQ

1-Learning CurveLearning Curve

32% of board directors say they do not have enough understanding of IT to support the company’s strategy and IT risk mitigation.

2-Presence RequiredPresence Required

20% communicate with the CIO at every formal meeting, up from 18% last year.

3-Regular UpdatesRegular Updates

31% communicate with the CIO at least twice a year, about the same as last year.

4-Hours AllocationHours Allocation

55% want to spend more time working on IT strategies within the upcoming year, and 61% want to devote more time to IT risk management within that time frame.

5-On BoardOn Board

80% are “highly” engaged with major IT implementations and 63% are with the annual IT budget.

6-Forward MovementForward Movement

41% are engaged with understanding employees’ use of mobile tech, up from 25% in 2012.

7-Business PlanBusiness Plan

45% are engaged with understanding how IT is enabling new business models, up from 41% last year.

8-Money MattersMoney Matters

24% are not sufficiently engaged in understanding the company’s level of cyber-security spend.

9-Competitive LandscapeCompetitive Landscape

22% say they’re not sufficiently engaged in building awareness about the competition’s leveraging of emerging tech.

10-Input SoughtInput Sought

35% of organizations are using outside consultants to advise boards on IT strategies and risk, up from 27% last year.

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