CIOs Anticipate Bigger Budgets in 2015

CIOs Anticipate Bigger Budgets in 2015

Upward TrendUpward Trend

CIOs surveyed anticipate a 3.3% increase in budget spending for 2015, up from 3% growth this year.

Static SituationStatic Situation

CIOs project just .8% growth in IT staffing next year, down from 4.3% in 2014.

Creative LicenseCreative License

33% of 2014 IT budgets have been funding innovation and business opportunity initiatives, up from 31% last year.


17% of the current year’s IT budget is supporting end-customer experience efforts, up from 15% in 2013.

Taking Charge, Part ITaking Charge, Part I

58% of CIOs now “own” non-IT activities (such as procurement), up from 44% in 2013.

Taking Charge, Part IITaking Charge, Part II

30% of CIOs now “own” business analytics, up from 15% last year.

Cloud ForecastCloud Forecast

91% said their organization is using some form of a cloud solution, and more than a third are allocating at least 6% of IT spending to the cloud.

Broad ImpactBroad Impact

36% of CIOs said their organization is deploying end-to-end IT services.

Enterprisewide ViewEnterprisewide View

Finance departments are devoting 4.5% of their budgets to tech spending, while HR is setting aside 4.3% and marketing is allocating 4%.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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