Delaying a Digital Transformation Is Bad Business

Why Delaying a Digital Transformation Is Bad Business

Why Delaying a Digital Transformation Is Bad BusinessWhy Delaying a Digital Transformation Is Bad Business

Few IT leaders are relying on digital initiatives to optimize how they serve customers, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Future PotentialFuture Potential

64% of global execs predict that digital tech will have a significant impact on their organization in two years, but only 21% are seeing this impact today.

Without a Map, Part IWithout a Map, Part I

Just half said their company has an enterprisewide digital strategy.

Without a Map, Part IIWithout a Map, Part II

Only 40% said their company uses metrics to pinpoint interdependencies across organizational processes.

Distinguishing Qualities: Streamlined ServiceDistinguishing Qualities: Streamlined Service

90% of execs at digital leader organizations said their company has optimized the cost of serving customers through digital tech, but just 44% of those at laggard businesses said they’ve done this.

Distinguishing Qualities: Budget BoostDistinguishing Qualities: Budget Boost

86% of execs at leaders said they’ve reduced costs through internal efficiencies due to digital tech, but only 42% of those at laggards said their company is doing the same.

Distinguishing Qualities: Robust ROIDistinguishing Qualities: Robust ROI

75% of execs at leaders said digital tech has a significant impact on revenue growth their organization has increased top-line revenue through digital tech, while just 20% of those at laggards make this claim.

Distinguishing Qualities: Faithful FollowingDistinguishing Qualities: Faithful Following

75% of execs at leaders said their company has increased customer loyalty because of digital tech, but only 26% of laggards said their organization has done this.

Distinguishing Qualities: Going to MarketDistinguishing Qualities: Going to Market

66% of execs at leaders said their organization uses digital tech to “a great extent” to support the launch of new products, compared to just 15% of those at laggards who claim the same.

Distinguishing Qualities: Refresh ButtonDistinguishing Qualities: Refresh Button

65% of execs at leaders said their company uses digital tech “to a great extent” to support new business models, in contrast to 16% of execs at laggards who said this.

Distinguishing Qualities: Lab ResultsDistinguishing Qualities: Lab Results

60% of execs at laggards said their organization is challenged by an inability to experiment quickly, but only 29% of laggards said this is the case at their company.

Distinguishing Qualities: Separate WaysDistinguishing Qualities: Separate Ways

52% of execs at laggards said their organization faces an inability to work across silos, but just 23% of execs at leaders said this is an issue at their company.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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