Doubts Raised Over IT’s Strategic Potential

Doubts Raised Over IT’s Strategic Potential

Consensus StatementConsensus Statement

65% of surveyed non-IT execs said the improvement of the effectiveness of business processes is a top priority for IT, and 62% of IT execs agree.

Intellectual AssetIntellectual Asset

54% of non-IT execs surveyed said that providing information to support better planning and decision-making on the part of managers should be a top priority for the tech department, but just 36% of tech execs agree.

Strategic StallStrategic Stall

Only 24% of IT executives said their departments are “very” or “completely” effective at driving tech enablement or innovation in business processes and operations.


Just 21% said IT is “very” or “completely” effective at targeting places in the organization where IT can add the most value.

Delayed DebutDelayed Debut

Only 18% said IT is “very” or “completely” effective at introducing new technologies faster or better than competitors.

Budget Forecast, Part I: Operational ViewBudget Forecast, Part I: Operational View

45% of non-IT execs anticipate an increase in their organization’s IT operating expense budget in 2015, but only 28% of tech execs expect an increase.

Budget Forecast, Part II: Shopping ListBudget Forecast, Part II: Shopping List

66% of non-IT execs said investments in new tech should increase this year, compared to just 52% of tech execs who predict the same.

Skills GapSkills Gap

44% of both IT and non-IT execs said that increasing the overall talent level and capabilities of the tech staff is a high priority in improving IT performance, up from 35% in 2013.

Data CrunchData Crunch

51% of both IT and non-IT execs said the most pressing IT talent needs for the next 12 months will include analytics and data science, up from 40% in 2013.

Winning CombinationWinning Combination

31% of those surveyed said the most pressing IT talent needs will include joint business and IT expertise, which is slightly down from 34% in 2013.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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