Editorial: May 2001

Welcome to the premiere issue of CIO Insight, a new magazine for today’s business leaders and technology strategists.

Across the corporate landscape, the role of the CIO is changing dramatically: He or she is now expected to participate fully in corporate strategy and know how technology will help pay off for the business and the company’s bottom line. At the same time, the pervasive influence of the Internet on all facets of an organization has increased exponentially the importance of technology. Indeed, it’s now fair to say that technology is the business.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, a full 47 percent of corporate capital spending in the U.S. went to information technology last year, a total of $667 billion. While that money was devoted to a variety of projects, the bulk of it went to strategic initiatives designed to bring corporations of all kinds into the digital millennium. The Internet, the Web, supply-chain management and customer-relationship management— all are now de rigueur at the modern corporation.

This means one thing: Corporate leaders must get smarter, faster, about a wider variety of technology and business functions inside the company. That’s where CIO Insight comes in. Our goal is to provide CIOs with articles about the cutting-edge strategies, management techniques and technology perspectives they need to survive and thrive in the evolving new digital economy.

To accomplish our mission, we have created a publication that is meant to be more like a journal than a magazine in its voice, design and format. Our writers are either experts in their respective fields or journalists well-versed in technology and business issues and trends. The design of the magazine is also informed by our respect for our audience—senior executives who need concise, useful information and clearly organized statistics. As a result, we avoid unnecessary ornament, gimmicky illustrations and complicated layouts. Our goal is to provide readers with an accessible, in-depth look at how information technology is revolutionizing every aspect of corporate structure, management, process and strategy. To that end, we hope to help today’s CIO strategists take leadership at the forefront of the new economy.

At CIO Insight, the theme is change—technological change, strategic change, management change. We hope you’ll join us in our exploration of how technology is revolutionizing business. We look forward to hearing your ideas, suggestions and criticisms. Please feel free to write to us at editors@cioinsight.com.

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