Everyone Wins When CIOs Partner With CMOs

Everyone Wins When CIOs Partner With CMOs

Advantages of CIO-CMO PartnershipsAdvantages of CIO-CMO Partnerships

By 2018, CIOs who build strong relationships with CMOs will achieve a 25% improvement in return on marketing technology investments.

Managing Portfolio of ApplicationsManaging Portfolio of Applications

Many large companies, particularly B2B companies, have more than 50 applications and technologies that support marketing. Managing this portfolio and generating customer value requires an integrated and consolidated approach.

Integrated Marketing Management Is KeyIntegrated Marketing Management Is Key

An integrated marketing management (IMM) approach can help IT leaders get more value from CMOs.

Incorporate Personalization Into Digital CommerceIncorporate Personalization Into Digital Commerce

By 2018, B2B sellers who incorporate personalization into digital commerce will achieve revenue increases of up to 15%. Personalization enhances the relationship between a buyer and seller and can make the buyer feel recognized, appreciated, respected and efficient.

Business BuyersBusiness Buyers

Consumers expect to be valued and have a personalized experience. Business buyers, who typically have long-standing relationships with suppliers and spend large amounts with them, have even higher expectations. Personalization helps sellers stay competitive and satisfy customers.

Personalization Increases SpendingPersonalization Increases Spending

Companies that incorporate personalization into B2B digital commerce will provide a better customer experience, make their customers more efficient and increase the probability of greater revenue.

Efficiency and Effectiveness EssentialEfficiency and Effectiveness Essential

Personalization should be developed based on customer preference settings in digital commerce platforms, creating or identifying merchandise affiliation, and incorporating behavior-based learning from customers.

Customer's VoiceCustomer’s Voice

Through 2018, voice-of-customer (VoC) solutions that do not share data across the enterprise will compromise customer loyalty and satisfaction by 30%. Such solutions collect, analyze and act upon customer feedback through surveying, social media and speech analytics.

CIO Insight Staff
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