How CIOs Can Improve Digital Marketing Strategies

Spending FocusSpending Focus

69% of senior marketing pros say the digital marketing budget will increase in 2015, compared to 48% who say the traditional marketing budget will increase.

Goals of New Tech SpendingGoals of New Tech Spending

To improve customer service: 62%, To increase customer retention: 59%, To deliver a better customer experience: 55%, To boost channel ROI: 35%, To reduce marketing spend and increase efficiencies: 25%

Pressing Agenda, Part IPressing Agenda, Part I

44% of senior marketing professionals consider tech integration to be a top priority for marketing, with 12% saying it’s the highest priority.

Pressing Agenda, Part IIPressing Agenda, Part II

59% say data integration is a top priority, with 14% of those marketers saying it’s the highest priority.

Tech Investments to be Made Within the Next 12 MonthsTech Investments to be Made Within the Next 12 Months

Marketing attribution system: 36%, Marketing cloud and marketing app management system: 32%, Audience management system: 28%, Testing and conversion optimization platform: 25%, Data management platform: 22%

Top Criteria for New TechTop Criteria for New Tech

Full integration capabilities with other tech: 49%, Privacy and data security: 45%, Potential for rapid development of new features for future needs: 29%, Ease of use for marketers without IT’s involvement: 26%, A feature set that meets current needs: 21%

Top Challenges for Tech and DataTop Challenges for Tech and Data

Managing campaigns across many channels of scale: 52%, Managing workflows that are inefficient due to tech issues: 39%, Applying insights from one campaign to another: 38%, Losing time to data integration and data transfer: 31%, Losing accuracy due to data integration issues: 28%

Digital Channel Budget BreakdownDigital Channel Budget Breakdown

Digital advertising: 17%, Search marketing: 16%, Content: 15%, Website: 14%, Social: 11%

Customer CustomizationCustomer Customization

37% say personalization-based tech capabilities are a top priority, and 5% say it’s the highest priority.

Consumer FocusedConsumer Focused

49% say customer-centrism is a top priority, and 15% indicate that it’s the highest priority.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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