Leadership Void Threatens Global Businesses

Leadership Void Threatens Global Businesses

Growing DifficultyGrowing Difficulty

61% of global executives say it is much harder to predict a top leader’s success in a new role than it was five years ago.

Faulty RadarsFaulty Radars

Just 22% describe their company as being very successful in identifying talent early on.

A Dry WellA Dry Well

Only 22% rate their organization’s future leadership pipeline as very good.

Be BolderBe Bolder

87% say that companies must become more creative and daring when promoting top talent.

Impact Over LongevityImpact Over Longevity

78% think that a long track record in a current role is not the best predictor of success in a new one.

Intrinsic ValueIntrinsic Value

87% say skills and knowledge can be acquired, and that personal traits really make the difference between good and great.

Change ManagementChange Management

86% say that careers will become more disruptive in the future, and that executives will have to take on unforeseen leadership roles and responsibilities more often.

Challenging AssignmentsChallenging Assignments

71% say their potential is best unleashed through assignments that stretch their current skill set and expose them to new and challenging contexts.

CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight Staff
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