Making a Positive Impact in the C-Suite

Making a Positive Impact in the C-Suite

Making a Positive Impact in the C-SuiteMaking a Positive Impact in the C-Suite

By Dennis McCafferty

Halted MomentumHalted Momentum

Nearly one-half of survey respondents said they were not effective at earning support for their new ideas when they moved into C-suite roles.

Incomplete ReportIncomplete Report

More than one-third said they have not successfully met their objectives during their tenure.

Top Success Drivers for a C-Suite TransitionTop Success Drivers for a C-Suite Transition

Creating a shared vision and alignment of strategic direction throughout the organization: 87%, Mobilizing team to function as a high-performing group with trust and efficiency: 86%, Identifying the highest-impact business opportunities: 82%

Not Ready for Prime TimeNot Ready for Prime Time

While 68% said they spent either the right amount of time, or even too much time, preparing for the business elements of their transition, 54% said they devoted too little time for self-preparation (meaning their “personal readiness” for the job).

Intangible FactorIntangible Factor

40% said they didn’t spend enough time learning about their organization’s cultural dynamics.

Adjustment PeriodAdjustment Period

67% of those who have made successful transitions to the C-suite said it took them 100 days or less to feel fully comfortable in their new role, compared to 57% of those who didn’t make such a transition who reached this stage within that time span.

Executive RecommendationExecutive Recommendation

47% of those who made effective transitions needed three months or less to determine solutions to the role’s initial strategic questions, compared to 32% of those who weren’t successful who did so within that time frame.

Crystal ClearCrystal Clear

60% of execs who made successful transitions said their organizations understood their initial agenda priorities either “very well” or “completely,” as opposed to just 32% of those who did not make such transitions who indicated the same.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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