20 Top Podcasts for CIOs

As a CIO, you’re responsible for overseeing your IT organization and handling all day-to-day technology needs. You constantly have a lot on your plate, so staying ahead of the curve with the latest tech and business trends may fall to the end of your priority list.

One of the easiest ways to learn more about your field and position while tackling your responsibilities is to subscribe to the best tech and leadership podcasts. They’ll help you learn to be a more well-rounded CIO, all while you’re completing your regular work for the day.

Podcasts specifically for CIOs

What better way to learn how to improve as a CIO than from other CIOs? These podcasts feature qualified experts who can speak to you and all of your CIO responsibilities.

1. CIO Exchange Podcast

The CIO Exchange Podcast details all things technology in business. It’s one of the best tech and leadership podcasts out there, and it features several different topics—each helpful enough to aid professionals in progressing further in their careers. Its well-informed guests always have something crucial to share.

2. CIO Speaks

Those who know the industry will be grateful for the advice of Steve Ginsberg, the former CIO of Pandora. He makes CIO Speaks a welcome space for any CIO or IT professional by bringing on industry experts who provide helpful advice. Listening to this podcast will help you understand more about what is expected of you as a CIO. It may even encourage you to take on additional responsibilities.

3. The Accidental Successful CIO

The Accidental Successful CIO is revolutionary for every CIO. Dr. Jim Anderson hosts this weekly podcast to give confidence to up-and-coming CIOs who may be doubting their skills. You have so much to balance at once, and it may start to feel overwhelming, but this podcast can help bring you back to your long-term vision that gives a purpose to your company or organization. By listening to this podcast, you’re likely to expand your knowledge of the CIO role while feeling more confident in your abilities.

4. CIO Talk Network Podcast

The CIO Talk Network Podcast is fantastic for the CIO who wants to connect and learn more about people in the same field. In each weekly episode, leaders in their fields talk about what they’re doing to innovate in the industry and improve their companies. You’ll learn things such as how to generate more revenue and keep online users happy.

5. CIO UK Podcast

The CIO UK Podcast is based in the UK. It’s a perfect resource if you also operate out of the UK, but if you don’t, it can still give you some insight into how a business works in another location. Regardless of where you live, you should still find this information and these viewpoints valuable.

Podcasts about business

Over 70 percent of businesses fail at least once – but that doesn’t mean they need to stay down. A good CIO should know how to lead their company, or at least the employees working directly under them. Business-focused podcasts help you cultivate a strategic mindset that will help you drive progress and innovation in your organizations.

1. The Goal Digger Podcast

Focusing more on the confidence side of things, The Goal Digger Podcast gives you the motivation you need to pick yourself back up after a fall. Jenna Kutcher outlines ways to succeed in business and how to put your best foot forward for every endeavor. With over 65 million downloads, it’s easy to see how this popular podcast works for its listeners.

2. How I Built This

How I Built This is a series created by NPR. It details the lives of creators and business professionals from the bottom to the top. You can consider this series inspirational as you work to better your company. Consider checking out this popular business podcast if you’re feeling stuck in a rut in your role as CIO.

3. TED Business

There’s a TED Talk for everything, and TED Business is no different. This podcast takes some of the most inspiring and informational TED Talks revolving around business and goal-setting and puts them into one area for easy listening. It’s one of the best podcasts to subscribe to because of how rapidly businesses evolve and change.

4. HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business Review’s IdeaCast podcast features experts in several different industries. Every week, they tackle another topic related to management or bettering an organization. The topics can inspire you and help you feel more confident in your role as CIO. Enjoy learning everything you can about business from this HBR podcast.

5. Planet Money

Planet Money is another NPR original. Any questions you have about money, from business to personal matters, are answered here. Because this podcast deals with everything to know about the economy, it’s a nice listen that can help you understand more about how to help your organization as CIO.

Podcasts about technology

Tech-focused podcasts can help you understand the current tech landscape, lessons from major tech news, and important trends on the horizon.

1. Daily Tech News Show

The Daily Tech News Show podcast can update you on all the latest technological news without any source of bias. It offers show notes on the website so you can read the highlights of the day if you don’t have time for a daily listen. You can listen to the show directly from their website, which makes it easy to be the first thing you do every morning.

2. Technovation With Peter High

Technovation with Peter High is a great listen because you meet guests from all areas of expertise, like CTOs and CDOs, not just CIOs. They talk about cutting-edge technology trends that might affect your workplace before long. You might also take some inspiration from the qualified guests the podcast brings on.

3. There Are No Girls on the Internet

There Are No Girls on the Internet focuses on marginalized groups in the technology industry, namely women. Each episode details what it’s like to be a woman on the internet and all the advancements women have helped to make and don’t get much credit for. It’s an excellent podcast to learn about the history of the World Wide Web and those who should receive credit for their hard work.

4. Marketplace Tech

If you want to know more about marketing in the digital field, Marketplace Tech would be excellent for you. Marketplace Tech is just one of the many podcasts run by Marketplace, but it’s the best one to teach you about e-commerce. Sit back and let these experts guide you to something new in every episode.

5. Exponent

Exponent is a speculative podcast that connects technology and society. They tackle challenging subjects, like what new changes to established tech companies mean for users and creators alike. Its minimalist logo and website appearance are a draw for the CIO who wants an informative podcast without the extra frills.

Podcasts about leadership

Leadership is essential, especially when you’re the CIO of your company. As such, the best leadership podcasts feature some of the biggest leaders in the world who share their experiences and advice. This insight can help you improve your leadership skills and solidify your role in your organization.

1. Beyond the To-Do List

Beyond the To-Do List is a podcast that gives hints on living a more straightforward and easier life when you have so much to manage. Being a leader isn’t easy, so streamlining the process is essential. With this podcast, you can learn how to better your leadership skills while managing your daily tasks at your job.

2. Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for Leaders puts out a new episode every week, which means you can look forward to a pep talk before you start work every Monday morning. This podcast has over 25 million downloads, which means other people are already taking advantage of this valuable information. It’s the best management podcast out there, so make sure you start listening today.

3. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Entrepreneurs on Fire is a great listen for CIOs who work at startups or young, fresh companies. They motivate leaders in charge of a small group of people and those who have a desire to help their employees live their best lives. It’s an excellent resource for any leader in a small company.

4. Hacking Your Leadership Podcast

Sometimes, it’s best to bring in the experts. Hacking Your Leadership Podcast features seasoned professionals who have been in leadership roles for years. They’ll tell you hints and tricks and discuss topics that pertain to you as a CIO. This podcast is a great listen for anyone in a leadership position, no matter their role.

5. The Evolving Leader

Because the world changes every day, The Evolving Leader was born to address how to remain a leader throughout all of the changes. It helps put all the disruptions and opportunities into perspective for emerging leaders of the new world. You can learn to be a better leader with the help of this podcast. That way, new developments in technology will never catch you off-guard.

Follow the best tech and leadership podcasts

Learning leadership skills and keeping up with the latest tech trends are just as important as finding the best IT solutions for your business or collaborating with other departments for successful implementation. That’s why tech, business, and leadership podcasts can be impactful tools that help you become the best CIO you can be.

The best part? Subscribing to these podcasts is usually free. Once you build a library of the best tech and leadership podcasts that you love, you can listen to new episodes as you’re responding to emails or other administrative tasks.  Ultimately, you may find that your job is easier or more rewarding when you learn from these podcasts. 

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Devin Partida
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