How IT Tools Can Avoid BYOD Overpayments

How IT Tools Can Avoid BYOD Overpayments

How IT Tools Can Avoid BYOD OverpaymentsHow IT Tools Can Avoid BYOD Overpayments

To avoid overspending on BYOD reimbursements, split-billing solutions can automate the process of separating personal data usage from business data usage.


36% of survey respondents said at least half of their company’s employees use their personal smartphones for work purposes, i.e., bring your own device (BYOD), and 77% said they expect this activity to increase over the next six to 12 months.


68% said their employees spend at least four hours per week working on devices outside the office.

Critical FunctionCritical Function

87% said their organization is dependent—at least to some extent—on their employees’ ability to access mobile business apps from personal devices, and 43% said their company is “highly” dependent upon this.

App NationApp Nation

59% said their employees use at least four mobile apps daily, with 11% indicating that their work team members use more than 10 apps in a day.

Company LineCompany Line

59% said their organization has a formal BYOD policy in place, and 22% plan to develop one in the next year.

BYOD Policy DriversBYOD Policy Drivers

Protecting secure information and reducing future risk: 44%
Boosting productivity: 43%, Saving money: 38%, Conforming with legal requirements about reimbursing employees for mobile usage: 31%, Better understanding how smartphones and apps are used within the company: 29%

Expense ReportingExpense Reporting

69% of respondents at companies with a formal BYOD plan said their organization reimburses employees for work-related device usage costs.

Gray AreaGray Area

26% said it is challenging to differentiate between personal and business usage of BYOD devices.

Unfamiliar ConceptUnfamiliar Concept

41% have never heard of “split billing” solutions, which automate the process of separating personal data usage from business data usage to calculate reimbursement amounts.

Accounting SystemAccounting System

47% said their company depends upon a stipend system to reimburse employees for BYOD, and 29% requires these staffers to manually calculate their usage each month by identifying work-related charges on their personal mobile bill.

Monthly ChargeMonthly Charge

Half said their company pays more than $50 a month per employee for BYOD-usage reimbursement.

Fuzzy MathFuzzy Math

Less than one-quarter claims their organization accurately calculates BYOD-related reimbursements, and 45% said they overspend at least $100 a year per employee.

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